The club now has in stock the following:

T- Shirts (Grey, White, Green, Blue, Yellow & Orange) with karate figure on the front.  £10.00

T- Shirts ( Black or White ) with Club badge on the front with Karate figure on the back  £10.00

Polo Shirts ( Black adults only)  Club embroidered badge on the front £20.00

Hoodies  (black or grey ) with club badge on the front & karate figure on the back  £25.00

Club key rings £3.00                        Club bags available in September

             Childrens Karate Suits from £20                             Adult Karate Suits from £30.00

               Silver Shadow Karate suits from £45                    Japan Karate Suits from £55.00

       Adult white Diamond  Karate Suits  £60.00               Child and Adult trousers from £10

                                                   Size chart and guide

       White and striped belts £4.00                                          Solid colour belts £4

Childrens Hand held impact and focus pads  £26.00 for a pair         Childrens impact pads  £20.00

Leather Focus Hand Mitts  £23.00                                     Ladies Leather Focus mitts  £35.00

                   Zori Sandels from £7.00                                    Leather training Shoes from £45.00

Childrens Strike Sheild  £ 27.00                                   Gift Set Sheild/ Gloves /Bag  £36.00

Dipped Foam Instep / Shin Guards from £15.00        Elastic Shin / Instep Guards From £ 12.00 


                      Training Bag   £19.00                                          Training bag  £10.00

               Key Ring  £3.00                             Key Ring £3.00                Club   Key Ring £3.00

       Club suit badge £5.00               Karate Kid figure £11          Three bears Karate figures £12.00

           Karate wallet  £5.00