Youths training at the Shukokai Karate Club in Govan Glasgow

Your Child deserves the Best

At The shukokai Karate Club junior classes are tailored to suit the junior membership.

A good activity for your boy or girl

Karate builds confidence and discipline. It teaches Respect and accomplishment. It promotes health and a sense of well-being.

What does a Shukokai Junior class involve?

Beginners will be introduced to the basics of karate including stances, punching, kicking and blocking. There will be general fitness training, self defence and pad work which will lead on to sparring techniques, and sparring itself.

Students also learn different forms or sequences of moves known as kata and their application to real life situations. In addition students will learn the following:

1 ) Etiquette of karate
2 ) Get Fit 
3 ) Learn effective Self Defence
4 ) Learn Self Disipline
5 ) Improve Self Confidence
6 ) Improve balance and co-ordination.

The training ensurers that students, particularly the youngest ones, enjoy themselves whilst getting fit and learning to defend themselves. Only very light touch to the body is allowed in training and sparring.

All Juniors will be allowed their first class free. After 4 weeks training an application for membership of the club and an association Licence should be made . Once membership has been applied for a free karate suit will be issued to the student.


The Club has a series of gradings. These range from the novice through the Kyus (15th Kyu to 1st Kyu) to the Dans (Black belts 1st Dan).

Each Grade is attained by passing an assessment.These assesments are held regularly throughout the year and, as you would expect, earlier grades have less demanding assessments (but still appropriate to the experience) which are able to be carried out after a set time limit.

The Shukokai Karate Club Junior Grading structure.

15th Kyu - White belt with Red stripe             1 Tab
14th Kyu - White belt with Red stripe             2 Tabs
13th Kyu - White belt with Red stripe             3 Tabs

12th Kyu - White belt with Yellow stripe         1 Tab
11th Kyu - White belt with Yellow stripe         2 Tabs
10th Kyu - White belt with Yellow stripe         3 Tabs

9th Kyu - Red belt                                                
1 Tabs / 2 Tabs / 3 Tabs

8th Kyu - Yellow belt                                            
1 Tab / 2 Tabs / 3Tabs

7th Kyu - Orange belt                                          
1 Tab / 2 Tabs / 3 Tabs

6th Kyu - Green belt                                            
1 Tabs / 2 Tabs / 3 Tabs

5th Kyu - Blue belt                                                
1 Tab / 2 Tabs / 3Tabs

4th Kyu - Purple belt                                           
1 Tab / 2 Tabs / 3 Tabs

3rd Kyu - Brown belt       (Black tabs)              
1 Tabs / 2 Tabs / 3 Tabs

2nd Kyu - Brown belt       (Yellow tabs)            
1 Tab / 2 Tabs / 3Tabs

1st Kyu - Brown  belt       (Red tabs)                
1 Tab / 2 Tabs / 3 Tabs

Shodan 1st Dan - Black Belt                              
1 Red Tab

Nidan  2nd Dan- Black Belt                              
2 Red Tabs                                

As Junior members are at an early stage of schooling the club does not over emphises the Japanese terminoligy.

Terminoligy sheets will be issued to club members on request.