The Shukokai Karate Club

What is karate?
In Japan over many centuries, fighting without weapons was a skill handed down from generation to generation, father to child, teacher to student. More recently we have seen the art of Karate - "The Way of the Empty Hand" - develop into a renowned and skilful martial art.

What does karate offer?
Karate is a skilful martial art but at the same time it is intended to be enjoyed by the students and get them fit. Students will learn self control and how to share, work and have trust in others.

Senior Shukokai karate classes
Shukokai "The Way for All"  was developed in modern times by the late Master Tani and Master Kimura.

It is the most powerful form of karate yet devised by man in which senior students learn to utilise the mechanics of the body to their best effect with devistating force.

What does a Shukokai Junior class involve
Beginners will be introduced to the basics of karate including stances, punching, kicking and blocking. There will be general fitness training, self defence and pad work which will lead on to sparring techniques, and sparring itself. Students also learn different forms or sequences of moves known as kata and their application to real life situations. In addition students will learn about the etiquette of karate including politeness and respect. The training ensurers that students, particularly the youngest ones, enjoy themselves whilst getting fit and learning to defend themselves. Only very light touch to the body is allowed in training and sparring.

Classes for students from the age from 4 years to 15 years are tailored for individual age groups.

As Shukokai Karate is a true martial art and for Health and Saftey reasons no children are allowed in the adult classes.


Gradings are where students progress from one coloured belt to another ( white & red, white & yellow, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown and black), Gradings will take place approximately every 3 months depending upon a student’s progress, attitude, application and attendance.

Beginners will be able to progress and successfully pass their first grading after about 3 months.

Who are the Instructors?
The Shukokai Karate Club, is run by black belts Senseis (Instructors) Jim (Dusty) Miller 8th Dan and his wife Sensei Carol Miller 6th Dan and Sensie Steven Miller 3rd Dan.

All instructors are Scottish National Governing Body (SKGB) registered, vetted by Disclosure Scotland and licensed to teach children.

Both Jim and Carol trained with Master Tani (founder of Tani-Ha Shitoryu and Shukokai karate) Master Kimura World Chief Instructor for Shukokai. Sensei Nambu and Sensei Suzuki both European Chief instructors for Shukokai.

What is the cost?

There is a small membership fee to cover setting up of a health data base for the students. The club works on a pay as you go basis and there are discounts for families. Up to date details of fees can be obtained from Sensei Jim, Carol or Steven.

Please note there are no Direct Debits or contracts regarding weekly fees

An annual licence with the Scottish Karate Association whom the club is affiliated must be obtained. (Application forms obtained from your club instructor or on this web site.)

Do I need special kit to start with?
No. To start with you can train in tracksuit bottoms / shorts and a loose T-shirt when you know you are committed after about two/ four weeks you can purchase a Gi (Karate uniform).

About Sensei James Miller, Carol Miller & Steven Miller

Jim Miller started his training in 1966 training from a book in Chinese Kempo for 1 year.

In November 1967. Jim joined the first established karate association in Scotland (The Scottish Karate Association ) where he trained for 4 years and was graded Shodan (1st Dan) in 1971. Carol Started training in 1973 and was graded to Shodan (1st Dan) in 1976 both were graded by Master Kimura who was Jim & Carols most influential instructor in karate.

From 1969 to 1982 Jim and Carol were trained by the world’s leading Japanese karate instructors in
Shukokai and  Shitoryu Karate.

Professor C Tani founder of Tani Ha Shitoryu and Shukokai Karate

Master Shigeru Kimura 10th Dan Shukokai World Chief Instructor (appointed by Mr Tani)

Mr Nanbu        Shukokai European  Chief instructor  (appointed by Mr Tani)

Mr S Suzuki    Shukokai European Chief Instructor (appointed by Mr Tani)

Level of Achievement and  Grades

Sensei   James Miller

1966 Trained in Chinese Kempo

1967 Started training in karate

1971 Achieved  1st Dan

1973 Member of the 1st Scottish National Karate team to win the European Karate Championships

1973 Kata champion

1973 to 1978 Scottish Internationalist.

1976 Captain of Scottish team champions

1976 Qualified as European International Referee

1977 Started the Shukokai Karate Club

1980 Qualified as  European International Judge

1980 to 1990 Responsible for organising and qualifying national referees and judges.

1996 Scottish Karate Board Secretary

1980 to Present Executive Committee member of the Scottish Karate Association.

1990 to Present Chairman of Scottish Karate Association Dan Grading Panel.

1990 to Present Scottish Karate Association Treasurer & Licence officer.

2004 -Present   Qualified as Scottish Karate Governing Body Coaching level 3

2004-Present Scottish Karate Governing Body Director / Company Secretary/ Executive Administrator

2004-Present Scottish Karate Governing Body Lead Child Protection Officer and Coach Development Officer

2008- Awarded 8th Dan

2008 Introduced to H.R.H. Duke of Edinburgh

2008 Invited by the Scottish Government to take part in the procession for the opening of the Scottish Parliament.

2008 Royal invitation to meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth at Holyrood Palace.

2009 to Present Vice President of the British Karate Federation

2013  Disclosure Scotland PVG checked

Sensei Carol Miller

1973    Started training in Karate

1976    Graded 1st Dan by Master Kimura

1977    Started the Shukokai Karate Club

1977    Started teaching karate at all Shukokai Karate Clubs

1986    Achieved  2nd Dan

1989    Achieved 3rd Dan

1993    Achieved 4th Dan

2002 to Present    Elected Secretary of the Scottish Karate Association

2002  to Present   Elected Scottish Karate Association Grading Panel Member.

2003    Achieved 5th Dan

2004    Scottish Criminal Records Office checked by National Governing Body ( cleared for

teaching children)

2004 -2014   Qualified as Scottish Karate Governing Body Coaching level 3

2009-2014    Shukokai Karate Club registered Child Protection Officer

2011    Awarded 6th Dan

2013 Disclosure Scotland PVG checked

Sensei     Steven Miller

1987    Started training in the junior section in karate Achieveing 1st Kyu Brown belt

1994    2nd Place at the Scottish Karate Association Championships.

1994    2nd Place team event at the Scottish Karate Association Championships.

2004    Graded to  senior 1st Dan

2004   Qualified as Scottish Karate Governing Body Coach Level 2

2004    Disclosure Scotland Checked ( cleared for teaching children in  karate)

2004    Started his first karate club at Pearce Institute Govan and Partick Burgh Hall Glasgow

2006    Graded to 2nd Dan

2006    Authorised to carrying out kyu grading at his clubs by the Scottish Karate Association

2007    Started new club at Spittal Rutherglen

2009    Shukokai Karate Club registered Child Protection Officer

2010    Started new club in  Castlemilk Glasgow.

2010    Graded to 3rd Dan  April 2010

2013  Graded to 4th Dan

2013 Disclosure Scotland PVG checked

2013  Qualified as Scottish Karate Governing Body Coach Level 3


Since opening their dojos Jim,  Carol & Steven  Miller have earned the grade of:

Sensei James Miller                 Sensei Carol Miller                  Sensei Steven Miller

8th Dan (2008)                        6th Dan (2011)                         4th Dan  (2013)

7th Dan (2000)                        5th Dan (2003)                         3rd  Dan (2010)

6th Dan (1993)                        4th Dan (1993)                         2nd Dan (2006)

5th Dan (1987)                         3rd Dan (1989)                          1st Dan (2004)

4th Dan (1982)                         2nd Dan (1986)                         1987 Started training

3rd Dan (1978)                         1st Dan (1976)

2nd Dan (1975)                         Started training 1973

1st Dan (1971)

Started training 1967