Senior grades have to hone their skills for longer before attempting more exacting assessments. In order to gain a Black Belt it is necessary for the student to demonstaight basics, basic combinations, impact training , kata (set formal excercise) and kumite (sparring).

The following list of Black Belts are presently training at the club.

8th Dan

James (Dusty) Miller 8th Dan (Level 3 SKGB Coach)

6th Dan

Carol Miller 6th Dan  (Level 3 SKGB Coach)


Steven Miller 4th Dan (Level 3 SKGB Coach)

4th Dan Yondan



Mark Welsh 4th Dan

Kevin Gara 4th Dan

Hugh Doherty 4th Dan

William Bradley 4th Dan

John Tawse 4th Dan

John Green 4th Dan




Kevin Cowan 4th Dan


3rd Dan (Sandan)

Marvin Hepworth 3rd Dan

2nd Dan ( Ni Dan )


John Gallacher 2nd Dan


Chris Bradley 2nd Dan


1st Dan Shodan



John Balmer  1st Dan



Junior Black Belts Shodan- Ho

Ellie Magill

Temur Kazmi

Joseph Parker

Molly Geddes

Matthew Chalmers


Senior Dan grading May 2011

Shukokai successful Dan grade passes on 13th May 2011
From left to right
Hugh Doherty 4th Dan, William Bradley 4th Dan, Alex Wilson 4th Dan,
John Green 4th Dan, Pat Barry 4th Dan, John Tawse 4th Dan.

Senior Dan grading April 2010

Shukokai successful Dan grade passes on 23rd April 2010
From left to right

Douglas McKee 1st Dan
Andrew McGowan 1st Dan
Andrew Gallacher 1st Dan
Steven Miller 3rd Dan
Mark Welsh 4th Dan